Moji Moji for Apple iPhone, iPad. This version have some differences : To set the wallpaper image on your iPhone: 1. Save the wallpaper (clicking the photo icon in app)2. The image will be saved in your phone’s Photos.3. Navigate to Photos, and select the saved wallpaper.4. Tap > Share icon, then scroll down…5. Tap…



    Create delightful 😍, vibrant 😎 wallpapers with Moji Moji, an app that lets you craft imaginative masterpieces from emoji icons. Choose your favorite icons, select animated sequences, and experiment with captivating patterns and whimsical combinations. 💞😵😈👻💀 Moji Moji exudes humor and cheerfulness, making the creative process a joy. Save each unique wallpaper to a file…

  • BETTA 120HZ

    BETTA 120HZ

    BETTA 120Hz is the new and improved version of “Betta Fish”.The popular 3D live wallpaper featuring fighter fish! For new phones and Android 12+. If you enjoy aquarium fish and beautiful colors, this wallpaper is perfect for you. Fighter fish are known for their vibrant colors, unique shapes, and intricate details, and BETTA 120Hz offers…

  • AMOLED 120HZ

    AMOLED 120HZ

    This is the new version of : AMOLED Live Wallpaper. AMOLED 120HZ is designed specifically for new phones with a 90-120Hz display, and Android 13+. The new version use more advanced graphics and animations that take full advantage of the 120Hz display technology, while still being optimized for battery life and display quality. You can…

  • C:Simple


    Push, squeeze blobs, stretch it, mix it, move it. 🙂Blobs react to your touch and create new colors. C:Simple create dynamic blobs, and set it for wallpaper for you phone. Set Live Wallpaper or Image Wallpaper.