Fresh Leaves 1.5 – UPDATE

Autumn update :

+ NEW 2 Autumn themes : Autumn Blue Sky, Autumn Colors
+ NEW 3 background : Light Blue Sky, Brown-Green Colors,
Orange-Blue Colors
+ NEW Leaves type : Autumn leaves
+ Faster loads






6 responses to “Fresh Leaves 1.5 – UPDATE”

  1. kevin Avatar

    Love this app. Was playing with my phone the other and turned on negative colours. Looks realy good. Perhaps an idea for an update.

  2. Hexaae Avatar

    Please, add a current weather system so that the wallpaper will show current time/day weather conditions (fog, is raining, clear, it’s autumn, it’s summer…)!

  3. Mirakle Avatar

    Why don’t you sell your wonderfull live wallpapers on Amazon App or directly on your website ?

  4. Subhabrata Das Avatar
    Subhabrata Das

    I love My 3D Fish Live Wallpaper

  5. and Avatar

    Thanks for finally writing about > Fresh Leaves 1.
    5 – UPDATE < Loved it!

  6. Tor Avatar

    I like Fresh Leaves, but in autumn must leaves fall from the tree down and on some twigs must free place for missing leaves, yes? 🙂

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