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3D PUMPKINS GRASS v1.0 FREE Live Wallpaper

  3D Halloween Pumkins ! Pumpkins Grass FREE is a 3D Live Wallpaper. Celebrate the season with this 3D Live Wallpaper especially designed for Halloween. This live wallpaper is completely FREE. Wallpaper has many settings that you can change. Wallpaper is drawn in real time in 3D OpenGL. TO USE: Home > Press Menu > […]

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Flatland v1.0 Live Wallpaper

Flatland is a 2D animated nature scenes live wallpaper. You may see 3 Flatland scenes : Africa with animated animals. Flamingos with animated birds. Forest with animated animals. If You move finger on screen you will shift scene. Please see video review. This live wallpaper works on phones and tablets. On tablets (or in phone […]

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MOTION 1.0 Live Wallpaper

Motion is a dynamic 3D animated live wallpaper for phones and tablets with parallax 3D effects. + FREEZE animation and create STATIC 3D wallpaper with parallax effect. + Double click to open wallpaper settings. + Set custom animation colors, background color. + Predefined animations, background type light, colors. + Random timer, animations, colors. Please rate […]

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Supermassive Black Hole v1.0 – Live Wallpaper

  Supermassive Black Hole eats Galaxy Pack! Black Hole from the galaxy’s center is awakened and is hungry! Black holes are discovered in each galaxy. One day, each of them can wake up and then …. see for yourself. You must see what happend with Galaxy Pack galaxies. If your phone or tablet has a gyroscope, […]

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Armageddon 1.0 – Live Wallpaper

  One day, civilization has to leave its home, their planet. It’s happening now, while you drink your coffee and eat cake… Once in a million years an Armagedon happen. Total destruction sterilizes the planet. But life can survive. The Wallpaper allows you to see this situation, it works well on phones and tablets. You […]

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