Galaxy Pack 1.3 – UPDATE

Galaxy Pack – updated to 1.3 version !


+ 2 NEW Galaxy : Hydrogen Clouds, Inferno Clouds (updated)
+ NEW Option Stars on/off in all Galaxies
+ Smaller stars
+ On big screens like tablets or Nexus,
finger moves galaxy faster

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11 responses to “Galaxy Pack 1.3 – UPDATE”

  1. 死掉的天使 Avatar


    Very nice wallpaper, the sliding screen when Caton phenomenon is very serious!

    I will continue to pay attention to, hope to fix the problem!

  2. yalishy Avatar

    Seriously those lwp should be bundeld with any tablet…
    Never the less one question : is it possible to make a ‘random mode’, switching every x hours to another random galaxy ? I dont know if google release its lwp api, but it would be a nice feature !

  3. Tom Avatar

    Why it´s not longer supprted on galaxy ace?

    1. maxelus Avatar

      Hey, Galaxy Ace is supported

  4. Alex Avatar

    First of all: Your animated Wallpapers are plain awesome! I use the Ice Galaxy currently and find myself simply staring at my screen from time to time, watching the animation.
    Unfortunately I don’t have a credit-card, so I can’t buy your Galaxy Pack on Play Store. Therefore I’d like to know if you also accept Paypal.
    Best regards,


  5. khamkeo Avatar

    I just purchased this Galaxy pack on play store and just wanted to say thank you for this great work. It is really amazing !!

  6. Ismael Avatar

    Can you tell about power consumption? Thank you very much

  7. Luca Avatar

    Really good wallpaper !!

    nobody can tell me the title of the soundtrack of the video presentation?

  8. Renato Siqueira Avatar

    Where can I buy in american dollars? In Google Play the price is not in Dollars and my credit card (Amex Global TRavel Green) only pay in american dollars… 🙁

  9. Lawrence Vaught Avatar
    Lawrence Vaught

    Is there an alternate method of acquiring this package? My tablet has the Amazon appstore but not Google play.

  10. Sean Avatar

    I love the Galaxy app. very cool. One thought is to add the capability to colide galaxies. Also, what is the name of the music piece you use on your youtube video for this app. I would love to get it, but Shazame and Soundgrabber both had no clue.

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