Fresh Leaves

Green Springtime! Everything growing! Everything comes to life.

FRESH green in your phones and tablets also will visit.
Fresh Leaves is live wallpaper. You may change backgrounds,
on/off elements, and more ! All in 3D in realtime – it’s not a movie.

…and more will in incoming – guaranted – upgrades.

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5 responses to “Fresh Leaves”

  1. oXunknownXo Avatar

    Just to let you know, in the HTC One X and the Galaxy S3 it shows a black screen, nothing more.

    1. maxelus Avatar

      I begin preparing to update for this phones… , thanks for info !

  2. DiS Avatar

    Please, can you make blue sky really blue? It’s too dark…

  3. Renato Siqueira Avatar

    Where can I buy in american dollars? In Google Play the price is not in Dollars and my credit card (Amex Global TRavel Green) only pay in american dollars… 🙁

  4. Johan Avatar

    I really love this Live Wallpaper! I looks awesome on my Galaxy Nexus.

    May I suggest a few augmentations? I think it would be super cool if the Live Wallpaper could be connected to a weather service like AccuWeather.
    The leaves should also be able to reflect the time of the year based upon the date. Of course this should be configurable. It would be fantastic if the application would be like a Real Life Tree Simulation™.

    I’m checking out your other work right now and I’m really impressed.
    Keep up the good work!

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