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  • My 3D Fish II

    My 3D Fish II

    I decided on a big update ‘My 3D Fish’ live wallpaper to ‘My 3D Fish II’Ta daaa… 😉 In new version 2.0, many changes : + My 3D Fish II have NEW Fish Engine ! + Many full 3D fish simulation in one time !+ New light engine, caustic shines, plankton+ Accelerometr sensor to dynamic…

  • My 3D Fish 1.3 – UPDATE

    My 3D Fish 1.3 – UPDATE

    IN UPDATE 1.3 + NEW option : Predefined Aquarium (7 types)+ NEW 2 Koi fish : Koi Kohaku, Koi Tancho Sanke+ NEW decors type : Decor Center, Decor Two+ NEW Decor Center: Stone lantern+ NEW Decor Two : High bamboos+ NEW Bottom : Zen Sand+ NEW 3 Water backgrounds : Light cave, Shipweck, Sea rocks+…

  • My 3D Fish Live Wallpaper

    My 3D Fish Live Wallpaper

    My 3D Fish – it’s your virtual Fish, it’s a live wallpaper, all in realtime in 3D. If You like plant aquariums or fish aquariums, then you’ll love this wallpaper too. You may customize many options, and ON/OFF many elements. You may tap your fish 🙂 You may move visible area in TOP-BOTTOM and LEFT-RIGHT.…