Twisted Colors Live Wallpaper 1.0 FREE

Very crazy live wallpaper for android phones 🙂  I like it. Interactive moving colors. You may change theme colors in settings. OK  – this is last wallpaper with colors, no more – to some time 😉

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9 responses to “Twisted Colors Live Wallpaper 1.0 FREE”

  1. aeryen Avatar

    your wallpaper is awesome, however i keep having freeze problem with Twisted Colors and Crazy Colors: just open some other app – lock screen – unlock – then you will see wallpaper is dead, Desire HD

    1. Andralyn Avatar

      You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wachting for your posts.

  2. aeryen Avatar

    ok, not only those two, galaxy series also have the issue,open an e-mail in gmail app, exit, wallpaper dead.

  3. maxelus Avatar

    Thanks “aeryen” for commants , please tell me … wallpaper dead = walpaper freze ? … you can still visible wallpaper or … a window pops up notifying error and – wallpaper dead , not visible

  4. d4rk Avatar

    on my Dhd it freze too. no error nothing

  5. Haruhi Avatar

    It happens sometimes to me too in my Nexus 1. It changes to the default wallpaper. BTW your wallpapers are beautiful and really well done I love (most of) them.

  6. szabi113 Avatar

    I realy like this wallpaper. This is OpenGL? Sometimes I search on the market with the “opengl” keyword, but I never found your wallpapers. 🙁

    1. maxelus Avatar

      yes, it’s OpenGL ES , i must add opengl keyword 🙂

  7. somebody Avatar

    Looks great! I love it. the movement is a bit quick though.
    Add a speed-slinder and it will ne perfect!