Flatland v1.0 Live Wallpaper


Flatland is a 2D animated nature scenes live wallpaper. You may see 3 Flatland scenes : Africa with animated animals. Flamingos with animated birds. Forest with animated animals.

If You move finger on screen you will shift scene.
Please see video review.

This live wallpaper works on phones and tablets. On tablets (or in phone preview) you see panoramic scene. Turn phone in preview live wallpaper mode to see panoramic scene.

+ Double click to open wallpaper settings.
+ 15 predefined colors
+ 3 Flatlands animated scenes (more in updates)
+ Random timer, scenes, colors.
+ Set custom scene colors.

How to open settings:
1. Double click on screen to open settings.
2. You may click on Flatland icon and select ‘settings’

On LG phones – how to enable open settings :
1. Please got to settings. Click icon Flatland > settings
2. Set option ‘Slow click’ and set option ‘Open settings’
3. 3 x slow click on screen open settings

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[youtube LiS8kfW4OGE]






5 responses to “Flatland v1.0 Live Wallpaper”

  1. Hans Pedersen Avatar
    Hans Pedersen

    I love the wallpaper, but there is one annoying bug with it. The settings menu keeps popping up if I’m scrolling sideways on the home screen or app drawer.

    1. maxelus Avatar

      Hello, This happen if you fast click > 2 times < on screen, you may disable open menu settings. Go to settings and turn OFF 'Open Settings' option.

      1. Hans Pedersen Avatar
        Hans Pedersen

        I found that setting last night. 😀

  2. Cheryl Deering Avatar
    Cheryl Deering


    A gorgeous app, but it keeps crashing on my Transformer tf101, which is running Android 6.0.1, kernel Katkiss . Help! Thanks!

  3. Cheryl Deering Avatar
    Cheryl Deering


    I can’t get this to work on my Asus TF101, but your other live wallpapers work fine. Can you help, please? Thanks!

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